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Specially selected library of presentations, where you will find showcases on how to use Synerise and ones that pertain to our product, solutions, and strategies. Presentations are divided into several sections to address different sales funnel steps.


The key aspects to understand and utilize Synerise beyond Customer Data Platform approach.


Synerise for Financial Services. How data driven, omnichannel Customer Experience unlocks new values.


How to improve customer experience in Telecoms.


Synerise Recommendations. How you can directly and indirectly surprise your client's customers.

AI Search

The key aspects to understand and utilize Synerise AI Search engine to enhance user experience.


Mobile first is no longer a buzzword, it's today's customer choice. Find out how to build experience your customers search for.

AB Tests

​​Synerise Guide to A/B Tests

Synerise Overview

Behavioral Data Infrastructure driven by AI.


Tarantool, MemSQL, & Terrarium. Comparisons of the massive scale, in-memory, real-time analytics engines that were adopted for the Big Data world.

Synerise platform specialists

Synerise Competence Profiles Guide.

Synerise Technology and Security

Architecture, Security and Compliance, Integration.


Help e-commerce businesses sell more and meet new challenges​.


A Value Proposition for the Retail Industry. Synerise transforms your Customer Data into new sources of Revenue​.


How you can personalize​ your products.

AI Predictions

How to get started with AI Predictions and other AI tools to turn them into intelligent scenarios for your clients.

Loyalty Programs

How can you build a profitable loyalty program? ​

Tracking Activities

Why behavioral data tracking is so important.

Artificial Intelligence

 How and why Synerise wins?​


Supercharging Data Science Team AI Capabilities with BaseModel.AI

Synerise Partner Network Guide

Synerise Partner Network Guide​. A powerful ecosystem driven by Artificial Intelligence Software​.

Private Cloud

Technology​, Infrastructure​, Deployment​, Maintanance and support.

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