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Get Predictions Certification from Synerise!
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Learn more about Synerise Predictions!
You will gain general knowledge of creating and configuring Synerise predictive models, including custom predictions, lookalikes, and propensity.
Additionally, you will learn how to discover user intent for configuring a Timing Optimization node, be proficient in setting up expressions for specific prediction models and understand the role of item feeds when creating predictions.


This course might be useful for everyone who wants to start working with predictions in Synerise, especially marketing and sales team members who are responsible for AI campaigns, and also developers, members of IT or Product teams.

Upon completion, you have:

Basic understanding of possible Synerise integrations,
Knowledge of AI Timing Optimizer configuration management,
Knowledge of creating and configuring all available AI Prediction types,
Ability to understand different types of business scenarios based on prediction configuration.
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Get Predictions Certification from Synerise!

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