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Get Integration Certification from Synerise!
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Integration is a very important part of the Synerise platform, that is why we require you to know the possible Synerise integrations with external systems, be able to prepare a schedule for initial implementations, collect integration requirements for scenarios of various complexity. This certification is designed for those who want to have the ability to comprehensively lead the Synerise implementation process and adjust methods of integration according to planned scenarios.


This course might be useful for everyone who want to start working with Synerise, especially members of Product teams responsible for the integration process.

Information from this course might be also useful for everyone who wants to know how Synerise and its integration process works.


Upon completion, you have:

The knowledge of how to create workspace and add tracking code

Basic understanding of product management and events integrations
The knowledge about user identification, integration of forms and marketing consents
Ability to conduct the review of your integration
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Get Integration Certification from Synerise!

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