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Email is still one of the most popular channels of communication with customers.
In this exam, we will cover the entire email campaign creation process, starting with email account setup, moving through email template creation and configuring all the campaign setup steps, up to the actual email sending.


This course on E-mail campaigns using Synerise is designed for marketing professionals from a wide range of industries who aim to harness the power of E-mail as an effective marketing tool. It's ideally suited for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of E-mail marketing strategies and practices specifically within the Synerise environment.

Whether you are new to E-mail marketing and eager to learn the basics, or you're a seasoned marketer in pursuit of sophisticated strategies to boost your campaign outcomes, this course is structured to accommodate your learning objectives.

Upon completion, you have:

General knowledge of configuring sending accounts
Basic understanding of importing and creating new email templates
Ability to independently run email campaigns on Synerise
Basic knowledge of personalizing email content on Synerise
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Get E-mail Certification from Synerise!

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