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Synerise leverages AI to offer personalized item recommendations by analyzing a customer's past purchases, product details, and activities on websites.

These recommendations can be shared via websites, emails, web and mobile push notifications, as well as mobile apps, enhancing customer engagement across various platforms.

The tool aims to increase sales at every stage of the customer journey by providing real-time, tailored suggestions for all customers, regardless of their recognition status.

With Synerise, businesses can easily configure, launch, and monitor recommendation models through a user-friendly interface, customizing them to meet specific needs.

Our advanced AI engine, Cleora, automates data processing, model tuning, and updates, simplifying the personalization process.


This AI Recommendations course using Synerise caters to professionals across various industries who seek to leverage AI-driven recommendations to enhance user engagement and drive conversions. It is tailored for those who wish to expand their expertise in recommendation strategies and techniques within the Synerise platform.

Whether you are a novice to AI recommendations, eager to grasp the fundamentals, or a seasoned marketer or data scientist aiming to refine and personalize user experiences with advanced methodologies, this course is designed to fulfill your learning goals.

Upon completion, you have:

Basic understanding of all requirements needed to configure each recommendation type
General knowledge of all recommendation types available in Synerise
Ability to create extensive recommendation campaigns

We will check your deliverables and grade your performance
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Get AI Recommendations Certification from Synerise!

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